School to School Support

High Quality School to School Support

Our aim is to work and learn from schools that aspire to be Outstanding or are Outstanding and wish to become even better. We believe that all schools Require Improvement and that to continually improve, they cannot do it on their own.

Within our Teaching School Alliance we have a number of National Leaders of Education (NLEs), Local Leaders of Education (LLEs) and Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) as well as National Support School (NSS). These form the foundations of our Alliance’s ability to provide high quality School to School support.


As an Alliance we not only look at what we can provide ourselves but broker support from across our Strategic Partners and other school improvement specialists. Schools in the 21st Century need to be willing to harness school improvement capacity through peer challenge based on an effective professional dialogue and a willingness to pose challenging questions

Research shows that the most effective professional development occurs when teachers and support staff actively engage in Joint Practice Development (JPD).

Our Teaching School Alliance is able to offer support and JPD opportunities in several ways:

  • Leadership development and support.
  • Teaching and Learning support, access to programmes for improving the quality of teaching and learning.
  • Curriculum support; specific for core areas.
  • Whole school Teaching & Learning reviews.
  • Assessment, its use and impact in school.
  • Data analysis, action planning and SEF writing.
  • School Business Management; supporting school to make effective use of funding and resources and pupil premium.
  • Governance support; working alongside Governors to enable them to fulfil their key role more effectively.
  • Recruitment and retention of staff.

We will work, in partnership, with a school or group of schools ensuring that that support is tailored to the individual or groups needs, from overall school improvement to more specific projects. We have a range of outstanding practitioners who schools can choose to work with.

School to School support is a symbiotic relationship, through professionals working together and sharing their best practice, everyone learns and improves.